We are committed to building features that our customers want.
Customizable feedback forms

Create customized feedback forms as per your needs.

Multi-channel feedback

Collect feedback via email, mobile phones, QR codes, kiosk.

Insights & Analytics

Actionable insights to provide a better user experience.

Access Management

Create and manage multiple users.

Easy Deployment

Get up & running in less than 5 minutes.

Dedicated Support

Dedicated support team to help you deliver world class user experience.


We empower organizations to listen to their users and deliver world class experience.
Food & Beverages

restaurants, bars

Gather customer feedback.

Improve customer loyalty.

Employee assessment.

Identify performance of each branch.


national and local retailers

Identify customer satisfaction level.

Customer feedback for each aisle.

Improve customer loyalty & retention.

On floor employee feedback.

Gauge customer service levels for each store.


schools & universities

Gather feedback from students.

Teachers/Professor feedback.

Facilities management.

Incident reporting.

Travel & Tourism

airlines, tourist attractions

Visitor feedback.

Incident reporting.

Safety and security.

Staff feedback.

Hotels & Resorts

hotels, resorts, hostels

Guest feedback.

Employee & staff feedback.

Gather suggestions from guests.

Feedback for individual rooms, food, service areas, swimming pools, etc.

Health & Fitness

Gym, fitness clubs

Customer feedback.

Feedback about individual instructors and trainers.

Facilities feedback.

Gather suggestions from customers.


Cities, public properties

Citizen & tourist feedback.

Safety and security of public places.

Health & hygiene improvements.

Better & responsible governance.


Companies, organizations

Employee feedback & surveys.

Facilities management.

Reduce operational costs.

Gather suggestions from employees.

About US

Helping our customers to deliver a world class user experience.
Listen to your customers.

punchnote is a customer experience management tool built for the real world. We have tools for businesses to track the performance of each of their individual assets by enabling their customers to report feedback and incidents when they happen. Our platform will help you to ensure business continuity and reduce operational costs. We believe that our customers knows the best. We work together with them to develop rich set of features to improve their customer management experience.

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